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Welcoming all Year 6 students to our Taster Day! Looking forward to meeting you all!


Did you know World Singing Day was yesterday?! Y5 joined over 300,000 pupils singing across the world organised by the Big Voice from the O2. 🎼🎶🎙️


Going going gone!! Ms Tarr with 2 lovely little helpers set up an ice pop stand to raise funds for extra bits for WRAPZ - by the time Ms Stickland made it out there at 3.40 it was sold out! They will be back tomorrow so make sure you have your 50p! 🍦


The Reception gardening club have been doing a great job at caring for our plants in this gorgeous weather. We have now extended the invitation to the children in KS1 to water the plants and vegetables at break time through a rota 🌾🌻


What better way to start the weekend than taking off you shoes, putting your feet up and watching a film! How lucky are our Wrapz pupils!!! Happy Friday everyone!


Newsletter Error - Unfortunately we have written the incorrect time for pick up for the Tuition Groups. Pick up time from Monday WILL NOW BE 4.30pm for ALL pupils in Y1-Y6. Reception will continue to finish at 4pm. We hope you have a lovely weekend ☀️


Tuesdays: 3:30 - 4:30 Oliver soloists 3:30 - 4:30 Y6 Strings Continuers Weds: 3:30 - 4:30 Existing choir members from Y4, 5 and 6 can attend choir for this half term. (In September, choir will resume for Y3 - 6 as well as Chamber choir) Thursdays 3:30 - 4:30 Y5 Strings Continuers


After a long hiatus, we're delighted to get Music after school clubs back up and running! There will also be weekly after school rehearsals for Year 6 soloists in preparation for Oliver!


"Please, sir, I want some more" - some more of this fabulous acting! Y6 are excelling in their rehearsals for their end of year production Oliver! We are over the moon with them and can promise it will be a show not to be missed!


Y5 are out and about!! They have ventured to Alexandra Palace today to sketch the Victorian architecture and London Skyline followed by a picnic in the sun!


In Cooke Class we have been reading the story Naughty Bus. This week we changed the story - changing the character and the plot. Fran and Gabriella have created independent story maps for the Naughty Book - look how good they look!


Reception are so excited about Sports Day in Summer 2 that they wanted to get ready for their events now! We found a break in the rain to practise the egg & spoon race & the space hopper race along our running track. We've got some terrific athletes developing at PL!


Y1 were very excited about their first opportunity to play the tuned percussion this week. They worked brilliantly and learnt the basics of how to make a good sound & they even accompanied themselves singing one of their favourite songs-Okki Tokki Unga. Great job Y1!


FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! Year 6 have started rehearsal for their production of Oliver! this week and already we can tell you are in for a treat! Check out some of the behind the scenes action below! !


Mr Kernkraut did a Q and A with Y3 who are studying Judaism and it was a fantastic opportunity for the children to get an insight and ask questions to Mr K who was more than willing to help answer any and all sorts of questions! Thank you Mr K!


Very much appreciated! 👍🏻


They then went to their gardening area to do some weeding and wildlife spotting, after the rain. They found plenty of minibeasts, no doubt they'll be friends with the butterflies Reception release next week! 🦋🦋


Reception Waddell class were busy yesterday afternoon! They planned, designed and tested boats, their own River Thames flotilla! They tested and improved them, discussing why some floated and others sank ⛵️🛶


Our latest London landmark creation in Reception Cooke Class. It's the London Eye - full of tourists, including the Queen! Our little Artists are excelling and we couldn't be prouder of their creations! ✂️🖍️📏


HAPPY EID!🎉 To all of our Muslim pupils, colleagues and friends - we wish you a very happy, joyous Eid.

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Welcome to Reception for Summer 2 term everyone! 

Dear Parents 

I hope you had a restful, adventurous, relaxing and educational, half term break. This is the final stretch so let us push forward to provide the best for the children. We are on to a new theme and lots of learning to be done. Please read the weekly newsletter for dates and updates. Our new theme is Digital Revolution – Toys.

Your child will get the best opportunities to learn everything they can about toys and different toys whether outdoor and indoor. They will talk about their special toys and what toys they played with as a baby to what they play with now. 

We will be looking at toys that our parents use to play and toys that are still around today, the way toys have changed from static to robotic and now digital or electronic 

We will look at toys from different cultures and compare to toys in our own culture. 

We will be deciding how toys work and grouping accordingly. 

We will also look at what makes toys robotic and what makes them static. 

We will talk about the materials that different toys are made of. 

We will look at toys from around the world and how games are a large part of playing. 

Our learning will include sharing our special toys, playing and making toys, explore toys and the materials and watch clips from the BBC about toys that are old. 

Please take the opportunity to do research about toys and talk about toys that you played with.

Our Learning

English: We will be looking at fact books, stories about toys and learning to write stories about toys. We will continue to write simple sentences and those who are able will attempt writing short narrative for what a story includes a typical story opening, a problem and a typical story ending. We want to be secure at writing and reading. 

Mathematics: We will continue to develop our number skills, by adding using different mathematical objects.  We are looking at the phase that talks about finding the pattern of numbers. We will be exploring doubling of objects and numbers, sharing and grouping objects, looking at odd and even and spatial reasoning. All these elements will deepen by us consolidating key skills in subitising, counting, composition, sorting and matching and comparing and ordering. We will deepen or knowledge in all areas. 

Personal, social and emotional development: We will be continuing to develop the skills with working with others and how we treat the people that we meet every day. We will also continue to work as a group and solve their own problem. We will continue to ask appropriate questions of others. Talk about what makes use specials and our abilities. We want to be secure in our independence. 

Communication and language: We will be looking at how children join in with repeated phrases/refrains in a story or rhyme. We will also see how children respond to questions in a story and their understanding of different situations. We will also learn to understand ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions while increasing our vocabulary. We want to be secure and speaking and understanding. 

Physical Education: We will build models. We will explore the skills of playing different games like hopscotch. We will develop their fine motor skills while learning to form letters and also when capable joining the letters in words. We will continue to form letters correct and write on the line each time. We want to be secure at moving and handling. 

Understanding the World: We will be able to start coding simple program on the iPad and using digital and robotic toys. We will learn to see how we can interact hardware with software and know what how do use different technology for a purpose. We want to be secure about the world. 

Expressive Arts and Design: We will develop our musical ability by exploring tempo, moving patterns, structure and dynamics. We will sing the songs that we have learnt and be expressive. 

Other key information: 

Our Home Libraries: This term, in our continuing efforts to help your children foster a love of reading, we are restarting our Home Library initiative.  

Your child may bring in £1 each week and choose a book to take home from a wide selection or fun story books (usually retailing at £6-7). They will receive a sticker to put in the book to show that it belongs to them. Over time, their collection will build up, their very own Home Library! Please give your child £1 each week so they can select a book they will enjoy and treasure. 

PE kit: PE kit stays in school and can be taken home at the end of each half term to be washed. All of your child’s clothes including PE kits MUST be labelled.