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Welcoming all Year 6 students to our Taster Day! Looking forward to meeting you all!


Did you know World Singing Day was yesterday?! Y5 joined over 300,000 pupils singing across the world organised by the Big Voice from the O2. 🎼🎶🎙️


Going going gone!! Ms Tarr with 2 lovely little helpers set up an ice pop stand to raise funds for extra bits for WRAPZ - by the time Ms Stickland made it out there at 3.40 it was sold out! They will be back tomorrow so make sure you have your 50p! 🍦


The Reception gardening club have been doing a great job at caring for our plants in this gorgeous weather. We have now extended the invitation to the children in KS1 to water the plants and vegetables at break time through a rota 🌾🌻


What better way to start the weekend than taking off you shoes, putting your feet up and watching a film! How lucky are our Wrapz pupils!!! Happy Friday everyone!


Newsletter Error - Unfortunately we have written the incorrect time for pick up for the Tuition Groups. Pick up time from Monday WILL NOW BE 4.30pm for ALL pupils in Y1-Y6. Reception will continue to finish at 4pm. We hope you have a lovely weekend ☀️


Tuesdays: 3:30 - 4:30 Oliver soloists 3:30 - 4:30 Y6 Strings Continuers Weds: 3:30 - 4:30 Existing choir members from Y4, 5 and 6 can attend choir for this half term. (In September, choir will resume for Y3 - 6 as well as Chamber choir) Thursdays 3:30 - 4:30 Y5 Strings Continuers


After a long hiatus, we're delighted to get Music after school clubs back up and running! There will also be weekly after school rehearsals for Year 6 soloists in preparation for Oliver!


"Please, sir, I want some more" - some more of this fabulous acting! Y6 are excelling in their rehearsals for their end of year production Oliver! We are over the moon with them and can promise it will be a show not to be missed!


Y5 are out and about!! They have ventured to Alexandra Palace today to sketch the Victorian architecture and London Skyline followed by a picnic in the sun!


In Cooke Class we have been reading the story Naughty Bus. This week we changed the story - changing the character and the plot. Fran and Gabriella have created independent story maps for the Naughty Book - look how good they look!


Reception are so excited about Sports Day in Summer 2 that they wanted to get ready for their events now! We found a break in the rain to practise the egg & spoon race & the space hopper race along our running track. We've got some terrific athletes developing at PL!


Y1 were very excited about their first opportunity to play the tuned percussion this week. They worked brilliantly and learnt the basics of how to make a good sound & they even accompanied themselves singing one of their favourite songs-Okki Tokki Unga. Great job Y1!


FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! Year 6 have started rehearsal for their production of Oliver! this week and already we can tell you are in for a treat! Check out some of the behind the scenes action below! !


Mr Kernkraut did a Q and A with Y3 who are studying Judaism and it was a fantastic opportunity for the children to get an insight and ask questions to Mr K who was more than willing to help answer any and all sorts of questions! Thank you Mr K!


Very much appreciated! 👍🏻


They then went to their gardening area to do some weeding and wildlife spotting, after the rain. They found plenty of minibeasts, no doubt they'll be friends with the butterflies Reception release next week! 🦋🦋


Reception Waddell class were busy yesterday afternoon! They planned, designed and tested boats, their own River Thames flotilla! They tested and improved them, discussing why some floated and others sank ⛵️🛶


Our latest London landmark creation in Reception Cooke Class. It's the London Eye - full of tourists, including the Queen! Our little Artists are excelling and we couldn't be prouder of their creations! ✂️🖍️📏


HAPPY EID!🎉 To all of our Muslim pupils, colleagues and friends - we wish you a very happy, joyous Eid.

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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 for Summer 2 term everyone! 

Dear Parents and carers,

We hope that you have had a fun and safe half term! We are so excited about the last term as we have loads of fun activities as well as exciting topics planned. We will be conducting an end of year phonics screening, so make sure they know all set 1, 2 and 3 sounds! Please call or email the office if you have any questions, comments or concerns and make sure to check the newsletter every Friday.


This term in English, we will once again begin with a narrative unit to support the children in developing their figurative and descriptive language. We will start by using the film Toy Story, a well-known story where the toys come to life.  We will retell the contemporary fiction and then develop our skills of innovating. 

Following the narrative unit, the children will move onto non-fiction structures of writing including writing instructions and writing a persuasive letter.  This will also be an opportunity for the children to develop their understanding of the use of time connectives and imperative verbs (bossy verbs).   It will teach the children how to layout these non-fiction genres of writing and how layout can help the reader’s understanding, engagement and even persuade. 


We will begin this half term by looking at number place value. The children will build on their previous learning of numbers to 50 and continue grouping in 10s to make counting quicker and more efficient. We will look at the hundred square and use it to count forwards and backwards within 100. We will use our partitioning knowledge to begin comparing numbers within 100 and we will continue to use both concrete and pictorial resources.

We will end the year with measurement, looking at both money and time.  The children will recognise and know the value of different denominations of coins as well as count more efficiently in 2s, 5s and 10s. We will also study the key vocabulary around time by looking at the calendar and be able to tell the time to the hour and half hour.


History will be based around Digital Revolution.  We will examine the Impact of the Digital Revolution on our Toys and how they have evolved over time to include modern day life and technology. We will Identify how toys have changed over time looking specifically at the teddy bear and explore the history of toys through an educational visit to the museum of childhood.


In Geography we are learning about the oceans of the world.  We will look at the equator and understand where the hot and cold areas of the world are located. We will explore how animals live in different oceans due to its temperature for example polar bears can only be found in arctic oceans.


Science this half term, we will be learning about materials. We will identify objects and name some of the materials they are made from.  We will learn how to classify the objects according to their materials and describe the physical properties of different materials.  We will explore why objects are made from different materials.  Finally, we will be conducting an exciting experiment to investigate the best material to make a boat that floats from the knowledge we have learnt about materials. 


We are considering the questions of life. This will involve looking at Christianity and how they believe a person is more than a body but also has an inner life.  We will explore the things that influence a person and make them who they are.  We will notice what Christians choose to be influenced by and consider how our actions affect others.

Art, Music, and DT:

We will continue to deliver all these specialist subjects to the children this term.  The specialist teachers have planned some amazing lesson for you online see their newsletter for more details.


Our PE days have changed and are now Tuesdays and Fridays for both Year 1 classes.  

Please ensure children have full PE kit in school every day. It should only be taken home at the end of each half term.

Other updates

We intend to visit the V & A Museum of Childhood in the latter half of the term. A letter with dates and other information about the trip will be sent to you in the very near future. 


Homework: Please ensure that your child completes their daily homework, this will be set on Purple Mash and Mathletics. Spellings will also be set on Mondays with the homework. The spelling test will take place each Friday.

Reading: Please encourage your child to read every evening and listen to them. It is important you discuss the story with them to ensure they understand what they are reading.

Clothing: Please be sure to label all items of clothing to prevent any mix ups or lost of items.