We take pride in our budding Mathematicians and here at HPAPL. Every week Ms B is beyond impressed with our Top 10 Improvers - here are this weeks!! 🥇1⃣0⃣🥇 Kit 1A Ava 1M Lukas 2D Alaa 3Z Marley 4D Ravi 4D Zeynep 5M Hoang Luu 6S Aiden 6S Semra 6S


Look at that blue sky!! Even though the pupils are still wrapped up warm and yesterday had a variety of weather Y5 Bloom still managed to grab some time in the sunshine exploring our local park ☀️


Reception have been learning about the life cycle of caterpillars. They went out in groups to search for caterpillars in the wild and talked about what they eat. They absolutely love aphids! 🐛🦋💚


Y6 are LOVING being back in school and able to play Steel Pans again - one of the many lessons they really missed whilst at home!! They are getting back into the swing of things and its lovely for music to fill the school once again 🥁🎼


Year 1 have been looking at Piet Mondrian and his use of Primary colours. They experimented with different tools to see which ones were best of keeping the paint within the boundary lines. 🎨


Designing and making London structures and landmarks with Reception in Art this morning. Fabulous designing, decision making and teamwork at play here 🌆


We are back to collaborative work here at HPAPL and it feels so good!


We are so delighted to have a delicious sense of normality with one year group returning to the school hall for lunch time today


We are back for a brand new Term - out of lockdown and so excited the sun is shining! Although all our covid regulations are staying in place it’s lovely to have everyone back and ready for hopefully a brilliant summer term!


The are broadcasting their &Juliet tonight and we can’t wait! Particularly Year 4 who did their own online production this year!


Reception had a wonderful time today playing traditional board games together! Thank you for bringing them in everyone!


Y6 had an Easter treat this afternoon with their Art class in the park 🎨 ✏️📏


The most egg-celent display in the main hall to celebrate Easter at HPAPL - any guesses who will receive an egg at the end of term??!! 🐣🐣


Our Easter sculptures are ready to be displayed next week in our Art Exhibition. ALL of our students from Nursery to Y6 have a piece to be displayed. Have a hopping weekend guys! 🐰🐇


Today in Year 4, Horrid Henry got in trouble for hiding his brother Peter in the bin! Henry’s mother was NOT pleased!


Another trot around the park yesterday for 5M for - the children along with Mr K are loving the opportunity to get outside more and stretch their legs!


We really loved talking about last week and the brilliant Y3 counted flowers using a tally which they loved!! They also combined it with their science topic which was reproduction of flowers 🌺🌳


Last week in anticipation for - Y1 did a census of what was in their pencil cases - they gained a greater understanding of how a census works whilst working on their numbers too!


Parents Evening Meetings: Can we please remind all parents that their parent meeting slips must be returned by end of day tomorrow. Appointment times will be handed out on Friday 26th March and all meetings will be held via Zoom.


Reception have been loving the sand pit being open for the first time this year! It brings out our creativity and collaborative play skills, and feels like we're at the beach ⛱

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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 for Summer 1 term everyone! 

Dear Parents and Carers, 

This half term our learning theme is Time Travellers! In Geography we will be using our learning about London last term to compare our city to the capital of India, New Delhi. We will learn about New Delhi’s landmarks and the path of its river the Yamuna. We will discuss the importance of trade to India and look at a case study about a tea plantation that exports to the U.K.

In History we will be learning about the evolution of air transportation.

We will learn about Da Vinci’s designs for the ornithopter and how the Wright Brothers used these to design and build the first ever aeroplane. We will then have a look at the impact that the development of air transportation has had on modern living. Finally, we will look at the evolution of air travel into space travel.

In Science we will be looking at plants. We will be learning about the functions of the different parts of the plant and how these parts can be adapted to make it suitable to live in different habitats. We will be thinking about questions such as ‘Why are plants so different in different places?’ and ‘Why can’t trees grow everywhere?’

Our focus in RE will be Islam. We will be learning about how Muslims use Mosques and how and when they pray. We look in depth at the Muslim ceremony of Aqiqah, the naming ceremony performed on the 7th day after a new baby is born.

In Maths we will learn about measure. We will recap the basic steps that you need to follow to measure accurately, and we will then move on to solving measurement problems. We will then move on to describing position and direction. We will use vocabulary such as up, down, left, right, forwards, and backwards. We will describe turns using the vocabulary quarter turn, half turn, three-quarter turn and whole turn.

During the first part of the term, we will be re-telling the Hans Christian Anderson classic ‘The Little Match Girl’. We will then end the term with some non-fiction writing using the core text ‘One Giant Leap- the story of Neil Armstrong’.

Specialist teaching will continue for Music, Spanish, Art, DT and PE. Please make sure your child has their full PE kit in school for the whole half term.

Homework will be put onto the homework blog on Purple Mash every Friday and should be completed by the following Friday.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.