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We are now accepting nursery applications from children classed as "Rising 3's", those born between September 2014 - December 2014.


Nursery children have been storytelling and taking on roles this week while acting out a story with confidence.


Our fabulous netball team! Well done to the girls who were scouted!


Valencia sang Stevie Wonder’s ‘Sir Duke’ at Park View’s Show – they were pros in front of a big audience!


Our fabulous Valencia Class are ready for their performance at for


We have a bike garage in nursery this week! The children take on roles as expert mechanics and bike riders.


Some images from the final rehearsal for Harris In Harmony yesterday – the children sounded amazing! More to follow...


Miss Nelson (and her award). Transforming Lives (trainee category).


HPAPL is excited to host Haringey’s new group for children across the borough who learn violin and cello. More info soon.


A message for our parents; Please be aware that there will be no coffee morning tomorrow, unfortunately.


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1 in 44 children in London receiving a "Good" or "Outstanding" education because they are taught at one of 44 Academies.


We are so proud that Miss Nelson has been awarded the Transforming Lives award conference.


Look at this FANTASTIC picture the children took last week on their - looks beautiful, don't you think?


Was lovely having all of you!


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If you're looking for an role in , check out the latest role


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Sir Dan addresses all 4,400 colleagues welcoming everyone to the 10th Annual Conference


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300 strong Harris in Harmony about to perform!


The singers have arrived!!


How amazing is our Black History Month Celebration!?

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.


The specialism at Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane is Literacy.  We chose this as our specialism because we believe that learning to read, write and communicate effectively is extremely important.

There are often Literacy events throughout the year. Some of these involve the whole academy, getting everyone reading and writing together to create an exciting event for all children and staff. This provides an exciting learning opportunity for teachers and pupils. Our pupils also visit the local public library in Tottenham at planned times during the year.

All our children have daily Literacy lessons. This includes reading, writing, spelling and grammar teaching. There are daily opportunities to practice and enjoy reading at Philip Lane including in our structured reading  lessons (when all children read independently, as a group or with the teacher every day). Reading occurs at other times of the day too  e.g. we  strongly promote reading and writing across the curriculum so children have a sense of  purpose and can apply their learning. 

We actively encourage our parents as partners in their child's learning and our approach to home reading is central to this. Our aim is to make sure all children can read fluently by the time they leave Year 2. Currently we use Read, Write Inc. which is an  apporach to Literacy teaching  in Reception and Year 1 underpinned by  daily, discrete phonics lessons. In the nursery  the children have a daily small group phonics session. At this stage, children are  tuning into sounds to develop thier phonological awareness. In this context, sessions are play based, often games with emphasis on hearing and saying. We use the Letters and Sounds Programme (Department of Educaton) to underpin planning for this provision in Nursery.

We  teach all our children to become effective communicators, working with them on their speaking skills in a range of contexts so that they can express themselves with clarity and confidence. Our staff value the importance of speech and language development and are supported to articulate clearly with close attention to accurate grammar and pronounciation in speech  at all times of the school day.

We take great pride in presentation and see handwriting as a vital component of literacy. Our aim is for all pupils to have developed an automatic, joined style by the time they enter Key Stage 2.

At HPAPL grammar teaching is a core element of our Literacy curriculum. There is a range of compelling evidence to support the teaching of modern grammar for writing, recently summarised in a report by The Exeter Grammar for Writing Project, December 2010.  The characteristics of spoken language are very different from written language. Writing needs to be more concise and explicit, whereas spoken language often relies on context, facial expression, intonation and pause and gesture to convey meaning and create effect. As part of grammar study, it is important that children learn the conventions of Standard English so that they can adopt an appropriate level of formality in their writing appropriate to audience and purpose.

Our website calendar regularly publishes dates for  parent and  family workshops that are  designed to enable support at home.


Simone Durrant