Ever heard of The Benidorm Blues? Benidorm class have been playing the xylophones in their music lessons - here they are performing as a class!


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Year 1 Class Teacher required at


A dinosaur swamp appeared in nursery today, the children have been exploring the texture of the swamp and feeding the dinosaurs. All in a day's work for our nursery children...


Thanks for coming along Carole, it was great to have parents and children there for some fun. And yes, those children were fantastic, what a great example they set!


E.T at the ready! 👽


Film night is ready to begin... 👽


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Year 1 Class Teacher required at


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On Friday 2nd February 2018 we are proud to welcome Michael Foale CBE, astrophysicist & former astronaut to Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane. We have a full schedule of events, some of which are ticketed and open to the public. Please RT the following information:


HARRIS PRIMARY ACADEMY CINEMA NIGHT! Limited amount of tickets available on the door. Don't miss out! Arrive at 4:30pm. See you there.


If you can't make our Astronaut Visit times on 2nd Feb (see pinned tweet!) then our friends at are holding similar events at different times that might suit. Head to their twitter or website for details!


Another busy week at the academy. Read all about it here:


Leon class looked simply terrific on WOW day! We dressed up according to our new theme: The Fantastic World of Storytelling! Here we all are, posing in front of our new pirate ship. Thank you everyone who helped us dress up in such terrific costumes!


Leon class have been lucky enough to have two mums come in to read to us this week: Ketan's mum and Louis' mum! Thank you both so much for coming! If you would like to come and read in one of our Reception classes, please let your teacher know!


Relay queens 👸🏾👸🏿👸🏻👸🏿


Quick as lightning 🌩 ⚡️


Dream team at the Sports Hall Athletics Competition


Ibiza had great fun making 3D shapes with blu tac and Miss Durrant’s lolly sticks. Don’t worry we gave them back!


Come one come all! Book your tickets before and after school tomorrow if you haven't already!


Yesterday one of our parents came to read a story to the nursery children. The children loved hearing about dinosaurs. We have a sign up sheet for parents/carers to book a slot, we have the availability for up to 4 story sessions a week.


Thanks Carole! Well spotted, we have changed this now!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Computing, Information & Technology

ICT is a key tool to enhance teaching, learning and progress at Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane. Here we embrace the opportunities technology gives us to engage our pupils across all the subject areas at each phase.

All our classes have Interactive Whiteboards, giving opportunities for bringing difficult concepts to life using visual and audio aids. Our Computing Suite enables the teaching of specific skills needed in our technology-rich world. Pupils also have access to iPads and tablets in class to embed their learning further.

At Philip Lane, we follow the National Curriculum for Computing, delivering a high-quality computing education to create active participants in a digital world. Informed by developments in ICT and best practice nationally,  we teach pupils to use their computational and creative thinking to solve problems; to use ICT to communicate effectively and to become digitally literate, preparing them for their future place in the twenty-first-century workplace.  

The computing curriculum covers four main strands:

  • Computer Science (Coding)

Children are taught to create, debug and follow simple algorithms; to understand inputs and outputs; to understand computer networks, including the internet.

  • Information Technology

Children are taught to use appropriate word processing software to create, store, retrieve and manipulate digital content.

  • Digital Literacy

Children are taught to instinctively apply their digital skills to a range of technology, recognising the common uses of technology both inside and outside school.

  • E-safety

Children are taught how to be responsible, safe users of technology. They are taught to recognise and report unsafe practices and to understand how to keep private information safe online. 

How can you help your child at home?

As with all subjects, the more practice your child has with using technology, the more accomplished they will become.  You could:

  • Sign up to your local library, where there a computer banks which your child can use free of charge
  • With your child, use the internet to research your child’s interests, discussing how to carry out an effective and safe search.
  • Download ‘scratch’ from - free coding software suitable for years 5 and 6.
  • Download free iPad apps such as ‘hopscotch’ to help your child code. 
  • Log on to Khan Academy at for hundreds of free computing ideas.  You can make your own algorithms, learn about cryptography, and watch videos about how the internet works and ancient computing. 


E-Safety is an important part of keeping children safe. At HPAPL we have security measures in place, which are monitored to help safeguard pupils from potential dangers or unsuitable material. Any e-Safety incidents are recorded and managed in accordance with our e-Safety Policy. Our staff receive training and this is regularly updated. 

E-Safety is taught to all pupils explaining and demonstrating how to stay safe and behave appropriately online.

We can only be successful in keeping children safe online if we work with parents to ensure the e-Safety message is consistent. It is important that parents speak to their children about how they can keep safe and behave appropriately online.

For further information, please speak to a class teacher or alternatively our Computing Coordinator can be contacted via the main office. They will be happy to arrange an appointment for a more detailed conversation, support or guidance.

Here are some links to websites that are very practical and informative too:

 visit the parent / carer section click on ‘Online Safety for Parents’ visit the parent / carer section


Emma Penzer