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The welfare and safety of our pupils is a priority at Philip Lane and underpins all our work. Our inclusion team meet regularly to review the quality and impact of our safety practices at Philip Lane. We also have a health and safety committee who meet each half term. If you have any concerns about the safety of any of our pupils, the responsible staff can be contacted on 020 8808 3231 or by email on: info@harrisprimaryphiliplane.org.uk. 

The key staff are as follows:

Designated Child Protection Officer: Alison Berry
Deputy Designated Child Protection/Prevent Lead:     Emma Penzer
Medical Needs:                                                                     Claire Benmabrouk 
Deputy Medical Officer:                                                         Gina Oland
Attendance and punctuality:                                                                    Siobhan Grehan
Special Educational Needs and Disability:                         Alison Berry
Responsible Governor for Safeguarding: Andrew Spearman

The related policies that underpin our safety practices can be found in the Key Information section.

At Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane we are focused on keeping up to date with developments in safeguarding training/policy and as such all staff undergo safeguarding training, most recently in January 2017, with updates relating to Keeping Children Safe In Education. Our senior team has had specific training in Safer Recruitment. Through this training our staff are informed as to how to recognize and report abuse, such as;

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) comprises all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs. It is illegal in the UK and a form of child abuse with long-lasting harmful consequences. It is a statutory duty upon teachers along with regulated health and social care professionals in England and Wales, to report to the police where they discover (either through disclosure by the victim or visual evidence) that FGM appears to have been carried out on a girl under 18.

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a form of sexual abuse where children are sexually exploited for money, power or status. It can involve violent, humiliating and degrading sexual assaults. In some cases, young people are persuaded or forced into exchanging sexual activity for money, drugs, gifts, affection or status. Consent cannot be given, even where a child may believe they are voluntarily engaging in sexual activity with the person who is exploiting them

Sexting: Whilst professionals refer to the issue as ‘sexting’ there is no clear definition of ‘sexting’. Creating and sharing sexual photos and videos of under-18s is illegal and it a presents a range of risks which need careful management.

‘Honour-based’ violence (HBV) encompasses crimes which have been committed to protect or defend the honour of the family and/or the community, including Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), forced marriage, and practices such as breast ironing. All forms of so called HBV are abuse (regardless of the motivation) and should be handled and escalated as such.

Our Prevent Duty guidelines are set out in terms of four general themes: Risk assessment, working in partnership, staff training and IT policies. These themes are reviewed annually and changes made accordingly where necessary.

Haringey’s LADO is Sarah Roberts. For advice and information about allegations against staff and volunteers the  contact number is 020 8489 2968/1186 or email LADO@haringey.gov.uk





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Safeguarding Policy May 2017 17th May 2017 Download
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British Values Policy 10th Apr 2017 Download
Charging & Remissions Policy 31st Mar 2016 Download
Complaints Policy - Guidance Notes for Non-Staff PDF 13th Oct 2016 Download
EAL Policy 24th May 2017 Download
Early Years and KS1 Acceptable IT Use Agreement 02nd Nov 2016 Download
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy 07th Feb 2017 Download
Educational Visits Policy 27th Oct 2016 Download
Equality Duty Statement Plan 28th Mar 2017 Download
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First Aid Policy 01st Feb 2017 Download
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HPAPL Culture for Learning Policy July 2016 28th Nov 2016 Download
HPAPL EAL Policy 10th Jan 2017 Download
HPAPL Positive Handling Policy 2017 10th Jan 2017 Download
KS2 Acceptable IT Use Agreement 02nd Nov 2016 Download
Medical Needs and Medicines Policy 01st Feb 2017 Download
Safeguarding Policy 08th Feb 2017 Download
Safeguarding Policy - January 2017 01st Feb 2017 Download
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SEND Policy 2016-2017 13th Oct 2016 Download
Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Policy 2017 27th Mar 2017 Download