Arrival time is now 6pm!


We aim to inspire our children everyday because they inspire us too! The sky’s the limit! 🚀


Just to set any anxious minds at ease…there was no real problem 😉 🚀


One giant leap…🚀


One small step…🚀


listened carefully to the experts when they arrived and then got stuck in to some experiments of their own!


The children applied what they had learnt in their science classes to the fun activities including programming a robot! 🤖



It was BLAST OFF today for our Scientists who enjoyed a trip to the National Space Centre!


📢YEAR 5 PARENTS: Our scientists are currently due back at 5.45pm keep an eye on our Twitter feed for any updates!


Y3 have been inspired by Gustav Klimt/Karla Gerard & have produced these fantastic landscapes using the sgraffito technique. They have used a surface layer of pale oil pastel colours with a darker layer on top. They then used different tools to scratch patterns into their work.


Our latest Newsletter is available online now:


Our scientists are having a MIND-BLOWING afternoon at the


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Celebrations have been underway at this week as the school celebrated its 30th anniversary 🗣 “Students have enjoyed hearing about the history of the school and about the difference it has made to the lives of generations of local children”


took in the awe and wonder of on their recent trip. We’re so pleased we’re back on trips experiencing truly awe-inspiring heritage sites that teach us so much about the past and the world around us!


We’re so proud of our 100% attendance crew! Well done everyone!


A reminder for our Year 6 parents that the deadline for applying to secondary schools in 2022 is 31 October 2021. This is a Sunday so there will be no schools open to support that weekend so best get those applications in asap!


On Monday, had the privilege of visiting the British Museum in Russell Square! Our highlights were the Egyptians, particularly the sarcophagi! We're very grateful to the parents who accompanied us, without you trips like this would be impossible for us.


Lots of skills and knowledge about vanishing points, converging lines and one point perspective have gone into these pieces by our artists in Y5

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Curriculum Intent

Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane Curriculum Intent

At its heart, our curriculum aims to foster and develop a can-do learning culture where children grow in confidence, try hard and take risks to achieve. 

Our exciting knowledge-based curriculum has high expectations, engaging learning, enrichment opportunities and strong moral values; it also expands their cultural capital. We want to grow children, who aim high; constantly strive to overcome the next challenge and never settle for average. We inspire our children to be confident about who they are and what they can achieve; world-changers who feel safe enough to embrace challenge, question what they see and take risks; deep-thinkers who are curious to learn; problem-solvers who push themselves beyond their comfort zone.

Ensuring Equality and Inclusion at Harris Primary Philip Lane

Harris Primary Philip Lane welcomes all children and values them as individuals, treating them equally and with respect. We believe that all children have the right to have their own needs incorporated into their curriculum in order to achieve success through the following approaches;

•         Provide an accessible environment, which is secure and safe, so that all our children can flourish.

•         We believe that all teachers are teachers of children with special educational needs and it is therefore a whole school responsibility to ensure that these children’s needs are addressed.

•         Through staff working together as a team, and in partnership with pupils and their parents and carers, we strive to ensure that our aims are met.

•         Ensure all staff are aware of anti-discriminatory practice, promoting and valuing equality and diversity.

•         Promote early identification of children with additional needs to ensure interventions are in place to address their needs.

•         Monitor the progress of all our children to ensure they are meeting their full potential.

•         Work with all external agencies and organisations.

•         Build relationships with other schools within our community

•         Ensure that our curriculum is fully inclusive and will not discriminate against the protected characteristics: age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation.  

•         Inclusive teaching approach ensures that all children can access the learning using resources and strategies that they may need, including modified language, additional support or resource.

•         Follow the guidance in the SEN Code of Practice, Equalities Act 2014 and The Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014.

Further information can be found in our SEN Section which contains our:

•         SEN Information Report

•         Accessability Plan 

•         SEN Policy