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A selection of art pieces from our painting unit last half term! All of our students will have their paintings displayed at our art exhibition in May.


Please tell Angie we miss her immensely and that we hope she is settling in well!


Y1 have been taking a closer look into the different parts and tastes of apples in their DT lesson today. This is all in preparation for their fruit salads later in the term!


A massive thank you to for providing an amazing drawing/printing workshop for our Y5 students yesterday, they were extremely engaged throughout.


Y1 have been using a variety of different tools to see which one is best for painting within a boundary line. A great art lesson of experimenting and our students being able to reach conclusions on their own.


Y2 have braved the cold and have been learning all about nature art at today.


Y5 have been cooking up a storm in the DT room making some delicious chunky vegetable soup. Just what is needed as the weather is turning colder.


It was ‘BERRY’ nice to meet Pudsey bear today to hear all about the great charity . Some of our children got a lucky invitation to bake some delicious cupcakes with the lovely jam company, they were scrumptious!


Our Y6 artists have been taking their observational skills to the next level and started on their 1:1 scale drawings of their school bags. We will share the outcomes with you next week!


Our reception artists enjoyed a ‘Kandinsky’ art lesson of letting the music guide their lines and shapes on their paper. Lots of eyes closed so they could fully be immersed in the experience.


Y2 have been working on the visual element of line this half term and worked collaboratively to create owl feathers using different media.


Our Y6 students, as part of their DT lesson, went on a walk this afternoon to find a variety of freshly baked bread within our local community. We found Turkish Pide, sourdough, Jamaican sweet bread, Jamaican fruit bun and a delicious three cheese Colombian loaf!


Our new reception children had their first art lesson with Ms Tarr where they were learning all about the visual element line. Their skills were put to the test when designing hairstyle for their new teachers. They look fabulous!!


A trip to the park today for our holiday WRAPZters, they are a wild bunch!


Day 3 at holiday WRAPZ and still so much to do!!


A HUGE thank you to Friends of Philip Lane (FOPL) who have kindly brought some much needed games for WRAPZ holiday club. They have been thoroughly enjoyed!


Year 6 had a wonderful time at Walthamstow Wetlands, walking, bird-spotting, sketching and enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature.


What an AMAZING concert we had today showcasing the incredible steel pans for our year groups 3-6! Here is a little snippet from HPAPL steel pan club.


Chessington 2023 is over! We're on our way back to school after an outstanding day of excitement.

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The Reading Challenge

The Reading Challenge is a programme of books chosen for each year group that every child reads over the course of the year. The children should be encouraged to read them individually, or with an adult where necessary. 

When does it start?

The Reading Challenge begins in September. To complete the challenge, children must read a book a week. These books help our children to develop a 'love of reading', reading for pleasure. Every half term, children who have read the correct number of books will receive a certificate of achievement for reaching the half term target.

When are the books read? 

Teachers will sometimes read these books in story time but the emphasis is on children reading these books at home during their leisure time. 

Each class has a Reading Challenge Grid on display in their classroom. As children read a book, they put a sticker on the grid. The children love seeing their book tally increase over time and remember the books they have previously read. 

After reading a book, children will be encouraged to complete a book review as part of their homework.

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