Amazing outcome particularly in such a tough year. Well done Rocco


For anyone interested…here in Tottenham


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I am delighted that Haringey Council has secured more than £1million to promote active travel. Read more about it here 👉🏻


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Haringey Council approves support grants for university students.


REMINDER: Class reminder for next year and procedures for September.


Uniform order form - making it easy for you to purchase the things you want. We also have a ‘come and collect’ day in holidays if easier. Read attached to find out.


Pages 6,7,8 of our final newsletter including two emails from parents who took the time to congratulate us on the summer provision. for taking the time to to teachers. We appreciate your words!


Amazing end to the year with 3 amazing pieces of work for displaying incredible talent. Thank you to everyone who has worked relentlessly in this area. So proud of our children.


Happy Holidays everyone. Here is page 1-2 of 12in our final newsletter of the academic year (unless we have unexpected updates before September). Stay alert and stay safe. We’ll miss you. See you 3rd September


And they’re off! What a fabulous, resilient Y6. We were so lucky to have them and wish each and everyone of them success. Take a look at our Leavers Assembly - so different from our norm but still touching.


Happy Friday - the newsletter is a long one this week! Lots of info re summer schools and reopening. Pages1-3 (of 10)


Summary of September opening plans in cut-out-and-keep, stick-on-your-fridge format. Thank you everyone for working with us to keep everyone safe.


Seemingly little things can put huge smiles on your face. So nice to have so many parents who back us and appreciate us. Makes a huge difference. Thank you again!


Our lovely parents sent every member of staff a card and plant to thank us for the amazing job they think we’ve done for their families in lock down


Our lovely children saying goodbye on their penultimate week of the school year


Children so proud of their work taking their high quality books home today


Newsletter - UNIFORM. Been reassured by provider that uniform will arrive before September. Sizing is here and order form and bundles


Newsletter - page - Classes for September 2020


Page 4-7 of this week’s newsletter.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Curriculum Overiew


Learning at Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane is exciting, engaging and relevant.  It prepares children for the world we live in now and for our future.  In September 2019 we introduced a brand new curriculum which links learning to a theme.  Each half term there is a whole-school theme, which is then divided into year group specific aspects, and most subjects are taught through the theme where possible.

Our curriculum has been written to be in line with the new national curriculum for England. As half termly units are completed they will be published on our website.

There are daily lessons in English (Reading, Writing, Phonics, Spelling and Grammar) and Mathematics for children of all ages. This helps to make sure that they become confident readers, writers and mathematicians in the earliest years of their education.

Children also learn science, history, geography, RE, PE, art, design technology, drama, dance and music.  They study Personal, Social and Citizenship education and begin learning a modern foreign language in Year 3.  PE, Dance and Drama are taught by two specialist teachers which ensures children reach the very highest standards possible in all subjects.

Creativity, fun and self-expression are important aspects of Academy life and, across every subject, we make sure there is time and space for children to develop their imagination and their thinking skills.

Please see our Curriculum overviews for Autumn 1, Autumn 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1 and Summer 2. Further overviews will appear in due course.


Curriculum Overview

We have our own, unique curriculum at Harris Primary Philip Lane that has been written especially for our children, and is fully in line with the new national curriculum.

Our curriculum is exciting, engaging and relevant for the world our children are in now and prepares them for the future.  Each half term there is one or two whole-school themes and these are then broken down into specific topics for each year group to study.  Each theme has key areas of the curriculum that covered but other subjects that are relevant to the theme are taught as well.

You can find our Curriculum Map here.


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