Wow, what an incredibly energising morning at when we had a visit from the sensational triple jumper! We couldn't believe how high and far he could jump! Not to be left out, some of the teachers showed off their skills too...


Retweetd From BlackHistoryStudies

Thank you for inviting us to share the wonderful history of Yoruba Queen Bilikisu Sungbo to your reception students with Mark Simpson reading his book 'The Great & Mighty Wall' Love the response from the students.


2/2: Parents, if you want to share your culture with us, we would love to have you come in too!


Thread 1/2: Reception loved having Zariya's parents from in to teach us about Black History Month! We thought about where we are from and read 'The Great and Mighty Wall', what a wonderful experience! Thank you so much Zizi-mama and Zizi-papa!


Reception have painted designs ahead of a special holiday... take a look! Find out more next half term!


is Wednesday and Thursday this week, if you haven't already booked your slot - get booking! Link below...


Retweetd From Floella Benjamin

I adored visiting your school, it felt like the perfect oasis of joy & happiness for to learn. Thanks to all the teachers for being their guardian angels❤️


2/2 - "I agree that education is the passport to life." - "She made her talk feel real!" - "I like how Floella brought my emotions out. She gives an amazing, inspiring speech." - "Her acting was thrilling!" Come see us again soon !


Thread: 1/2: Happy Monday everyone! To start the week off on a positive note (despite the rain) here's some amazing feedback our pupils had following the inspirational visit from last week! As Floella would say herself, "Keep Smiling!"...


You can book your time slot for here if you haven't already done so: We look forward to welcoming you to the Academy next week.


Barcelona Class are at a workshop today at our local library. Thanks to for leading the informative session!


We are delighted to have been awarded the 2018-2019 Ruth Miskin Training Badge Accreditation . The badge recognises our work to raise standards in reading and writing and that we support our most vulnerable readers with extra one-to-one teaching every day.


Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed the inspirational talk given by this afternoon. Thank you!! ❤️


Baroness Floella Benjamin has arrived!! - we’re already smiling and happy! 😃


As part of and our ongoing visits we are delighted to welcome to the Academy this morning. Baroness Benjamin will speak about her life and career as a writer and specifically about her book 'Coming To England'!


Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane have arrived and are enjoying the Annual Conference.


Barcelona enjoying their minibeast hunt this week! I wonder what they found...?!


Year 3 went to the Tate Modern to look at works from European painters linked to their topic on Europe. They had a go at sketching a painting by Piccasso too! They used their bodies to spell out...well, see if you can guess from our pictures...


Please remember that tomorrow is an INSET day while staff attend the Annual Harris Federation Conference. Children should not come to the academy tomorrow morning.

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You have been given secure online account, activated using a unique activation username and password; you will be prompted to change these once you login.

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Should you have any enquiries please don't hesitate to contact us.

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